About us

The establishment of Headstart Mercy Montessori Training Centre in Cape Town, arose out of the need for quality Montessori training in Southern Africa. Su Cunningham used her extensive expertise in Montessori education to create a comprehensive, rich training programme that is practical and creative in its execution. The full-time training centre is based in Kenilworth, Cape Town.

Our Training Centre

  • Headstart Mercy Montessori Training Centre is the only Montessori Centre in South Africa accredited to train at NQF level 6
  • The Centre has trained a number of teachers who are based in Tanzania, Uganda, Namibia and Mauritius
  • A number of students have been employed successfully in places like Australia, Canada and The United Kingdom
  • The Centre is an institutional member of The South African Montessori Association. Trainers have also worked on the SAMA executive Committee
  • Certificates of accreditation are given to schools who support our students during teaching practice
  • We run workshops within existing Montessori schools, at all levels.

Our Trainers

  • All our trainers at the Centre have a wide variety of teaching experience, in different age groups and within in a variety of traditional and Montessori schools over many years
  • They are registered assessors and moderators with the EDTP SETA
  • They have both Traditional and Montessori qualifications.

Our International Connections

  • College founder Su Cunningham has based the course tutoring on the AMI based training she received at Xavier University in Cincinnati, America. Whilst there Su had the privilege of being trained by Sister Eloise and Sister Jacinta Shay, who gave permission for her to use the course in Africa
  • Our newest connection is with Homerton College, Cambridge University, England.

    Below: Su (centre) with Sister Eloise and Sister Jacinta Shay