Headstart Mercy Montessori is a Private Higher Education Institute providing full-time Montessori teacher training.
We are the only Montessori training institute in South Africa to train to NQL level 6.

Teaching is a satisfying and rewarding career for those with a desire to enable our young. At Headstart Mercy Montessori we provide the instruction –  image Level 6 Diploma - Early Childhood Development: Montessori Teaching – and facilities to equip Montessori teachers with the tools they will need. We welcome any applicant who shows an aptitude for working sympathetically and respectfully with children. They will also need an aptitude for critical, reflective thinking, and a independent learning ethic, as well as good oral and written communication skills.

Why choose Headstart Mercy Montessori?

  • Our Accreditation:
    (1) DoE (Department of Education) No:2010/HE07/001
    (2) SAQA (South African Qualifications Authority) ID:83407
    (3) SACA (South African Council of Educators) Registration No:11866
  • (4) CHE (Council on Higher Education) Registration No: H/PR164/E003CAN
  • We are the only Montessori training institute in South Africa to train to NQL level 6
  • We are forming a collaboration with the University of the Western Cape to give our graduates entry to a Foundation Phase Degree programme
  • We have a small nurturing environment with high student/lecturer interaction
  • We offer full time training, with classroom exposure and experiences to consolidate what you learn
  • We have a full set of Montessori materials for student use
  • Our practical experience is based on a strong theoretical background
  • Our diverse range of learning areas develop sound teaching practice with a firm Montessori foundation
  • We nurture self-development and communication skills
  • We have presentations by specialists, including special needs, outdoor and movement education.

We are committed to providing access and support to students of all ages and backgrounds. We strive to provide a positive, inclusive atmosphere of mutual co-operation in all our activities. We ensure that the principles of respect and empowerment, which apply to a child's learning, are also applied to adult learners and educators. Headstart Mercy Montessori Africa promotes Montessori education and develops Montessori educators of the highest quality to serve and support the child.

What do you get from our training course?

  • A Diploma in Early Childhood Development Montessori Teaching - level 6
  • 360 credits (3 years full time)
  • Classroom exposure and experiences covering the Montessori 3-9 continuum
  • Teaching skills for a post in pre-primary and primary Montessori Schools
  • The opportunity to be successfully employed either locally or internationally
  • Exposure to Xhosa, Art and Music with well qualified and experienced trainers
  • Personal growth and development
  • Presentations from specialist trainers in their fields, including special needs, movement and communication
  • Classroom experience in local Montessori Schools during your training
  • Close student/lecturer interaction, in a small environment.

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Graduation 2016

Our student Graduation ceremony for 2016, started with our traditional photo shoot on the stoep at our beautiful college. The ceremony and finger lunch was held afterwards at nearby Callow House, where families and friends shared in the celebration. Guest speaker Jennifer Moore, SAMA representative for the Western Cape, shared her knowledge gained over the last 30 years, along with her experiences in underprivileged areas in both the Western and Eastern Cape.
We wish all our graduates success in their teaching careers.
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